Be Like Bruce Fitness Festival

The 2019 Be Like Bruce Raised 15 000$ for Pancreatic Cancer! Thank you to all those who participated.

2019 Be Like Bruce Fitness Festival

June 14th, 15h and June 16th, 2019

Reebok CrossFit 306 is thrilled to partner with the Bike Doctor and other corporate sponsors to bring you the #BeLikeBruce Fitness Festival.  This fitness festival is like nothing we have seen in Saskatoon.  For the second year in a row we will be combining CrossFit Competition and Triathlon in honour of the late Bruce Gordon.

More details below ...



Weekend at a Glance

Friday - WOD 1 Lifting total - 5:00Pm - 8:00PM at Reebok CrossFit 306

Saturday - 11:00 AM - 3:00PM Triathlon at Riversdale Pool, Saskatoon

All divisions will perform the following distances: 500m swim, 20km bike, 5km run

Sunday - WOD 2,3 and 4 (The Bruce) at Reebok CrossFit 306 - 8:30AM until - 5:00 PM

Sunday - 5:00 - 5:30 PM Awards!


WOD #1 will be a LiftingTotal.  

All three members will work together to put forth their biggest lifting total. The three lifts completed will be the following:

  1. Bench Press

  2. Clean

  3. Deadlift

Each of the three lifts (bench, clean, deadlift) must be performed by two athletes on each team.

Your team will have 4 minutes at each station and 1 minute to transition.

Every athlete on each team must complete two of the three lifts.

Your score will be your total tonnage.

Your clean can be a full clean, a power clean, or a split clean.

Athletes that are competing as individuals - you must record a successful lift at each station.  You will have 4 minutes at each station.


WOD #2

Complete the following:

Start with 240 DU (120 for individuals) then

12 rounds of

3 Burpee Box Jump overs 28”/24”, 12 C2B, 6 HSPU, 3 Burpee Box Jump Overs

The workout can be split any which way the team chooses. The time cap is 14 minutes.

Modifications for each divisions:

Rx team men - strict HSPU, 28” Box Jumps

RX team ladies, individual men and individual ladies - kipping HSPU, 24” Box Jump

Scaled Men - 24” BJ, DB push press 35 lbs, and regular pull ups

Scaled Ladies - 20” BJ, DB push press 25 lbs and, and regular pull ups



WOD #3


45 Devil Press

45 T2B

45 DB Thrusters

Modifications for each divisions:

Men’s Team Rx - 50 lbs DB

Ladies Team Rx and Individual Men - 35 lbs DB

Individual Ladies - 25 lbs DB

Men’s Team Scaled - 35 lbs DB, Sit-ups

Ladies Scaled - 25 lbs DB, Sit-ups




The final WOD, which will be performed on Sunday afternoon will be “The Bruce”.

“The Bruce” is in memory of Bruce Gordon who passed away on 09/29/2017.

3 rounds for time! One round per athlete. 14 minute time cap.

54/32 Calories on the rower 

29 Push ups

17 squats

9 push press 135 lbs /95 lbs


Teams Rx and Individuals - WOD will be performed wearing a 20lbs/15lbs vest. If you do not have your own, one will be provided for you.

Men’s Scaled - same WOD no vest.

Ladies Scaled - no vest, 65lbs push press, push ups done with a 16” box for assistance.


Triathlon Maps

*All CrossFit athletes will be performing the long course


Weekend Detailed Schedule

Friday Night Schedule

* Please Note all teams must be present at 7:00 for the triathlon briefing.

* Please Note all teams must be present at 7:00 for the triathlon briefing.

Heat Assignments






Bruce Gordon was a pillar of many communities across Saskatoon including CrossFit, triathlon, hockey, police and law.  His dedication to improving all things combined with his impressive work ethic inspired so many to live better lives.

Teams of three will battle it out CrossFit style all day Saturday.  On the Sunday morning they will race through a triathlon relay.  The event will conclude with one final WOD on the Sunday back at Reebok CrossFit 306.




June 14th, 15th, and June 16th, 2019. Registration begins April 9th, 2018.

Where is the event being held?

All the CrossFit WODs will be held at Reebok CrossFit 306 and the start of the triathlon will be held at Riversdale Pool

What is it?

CrossFit competition and a relay style triathlon.

Can I just do the CrossFit portion?

No, if you compete in the CrossFit you must do the triathlon, however you may choose to only do the triathlon.  To register for the triathlon only portion please go to this link - https://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/be-like-bruce-triathlon-2019

Who can be on my team?

Anyone, as long as the teams are three of the same sex.

Are there divisions?

Yes there will be an Rx and a scaled division.

Can kids participate?

Yes kids can be part of team as long as they are 14 years or older.

What if I can't swim?

It's ok, it's relay style so only one person swims on your team, one person bikes, one person runs.

Do I need my own bike?

Yes, bikes will not be supplied.

What are the distances for the triAthlon?

Rx and scaled distances will be the same - 500m swim, 15km bike, 5 km run. 

Can I know the WODs ahead of time?

Yes, the WODs will be released a month ahead of time.

How does the scoring work?

The triathlon portion will have four scoring components - the swim, the bike, and the run, and the overall relay time. The CF portion will have 4 scoring WODS. In total there will be 8 separate scoring pieces.

Awesome, how do I register my team?

Registration will be up by April 1th on this page along with more details.

How much?

The cost per team will be $315 and includes a portion that will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Extra shirts (including kids sizes):  $30 plus 11% tax. 

$5 from every shirt will be donated back to Pancreatic cancer research.  

Is there a deadline?

YES! The deadline for registering and ordering extra shirts is April 30th. 2019.

Every Second Counts”, a phrase that people have used for many years. It can be used for many of life’s challenges. Bruce used it as a term of encouragement, particularly when giving his pep talks before races to us.

Bruce was a huge supporter of ours and we will never forget these words of encouragement. To honour Bruce and to always have his words with us, I asked him to write this phrase for me this past summer. I then took this to a tattoo artist in Penticton and had it permanently inked on my arm along with a bike....since Bruce’s other favourite phrase to say was “it’s all about the bike!
— Kaycee and Hunter Schroeder 
Every Second Counts

Corporate Sponsorship levels:

Be Like Bruce Fitness Festival - Platinum Level Sponsorship

Platinum (only 3 spots available): $1,000

  • Regular mentions throughout the day as a key sponsors

  • Access to all the athletes - via swag bags and give-aways

  • If applicable, you can set up a booth/table at the event to showcase your business

  • One of the workouts will be named after your organization

  • Banner with your logo will be prominantly displayed in the competition area

Be Like Bruce Fitness Festival

Gold: $500

  • Banner will be posted in the gym throughout the event

  • Regular mentions throughout the event

  • Access to athletes and spectators (via swag bags and giveaways)

BLB Fitnes Festival - Silver Level Sponsorship

Silver: $100

  • mentioned at the start and at the end of the competition

Be Like Bruce Fitness Festival Logo

Volunteer Sponsor: $50 in cash or product

We are looking for help to fuel our volunteers.  They work hard all day long and need to be filled up with food, water and coffee.  You will get advertising in the venue as well as honourable mentions throughout the day.  You will also get many thank you's and hugs from our volunteers.  

Contact Jason to become a sponsor:

Sponsorship deadline is May 1st! 

Or call Jason at 306-203-0666 or email jason@reebokcrossfit306.com


Online Registration Opens at 12:00pm April 1st, 2019:

Be Like Bruce Fitness Festival