Good Luck Coach!!

Well, it is finally here..."Super Regionals".  It's funny, I feel relieved and I haven't had to put in the 4-5 hours of training in a day;).  I have gone to cheer Jason on at every Regionals since 2009.  It is crazy how things have changed over the years and a real privilege to be a part of CrossFit through all the growth.  I remember in 2009, you could just sign up to compete at Regionals.  No qualifiers, no real expectations or pressure - just kind of a fun day working out.  It's still a fun (now 3 days) of working out, but the road to get there is much more challenging.  

I have been with Jason for 15 years now and we have undertaken a variety of sporting endeavors.  Jason has always been a source of inspiration for me.  I always find it incredible to watch him go through the process of achieving a goal he sets forward.  He never makes excuses...EVER!  If he has a bad WOD or result, he doesn't look to blame a judge, or a standard or HQ for throwing a curve ball.  He looks at it as a weakness then attacks it to make it a strength.  He doesn't back away from a challenge or hard work (which is probably why we get to cheer him on this weekend).  He has trained with focus and determination over the past few months and taken on some crazy volume.  I have watched a number of members of the community step up daily to do a workout with him, so he doesn't have to do it alone.  It has been a beautiful thing to see...ONE - community and team come together to achieve a goal.  Thank you all for that!

Now, I get to make Jason blush (just a little maybe).  Jason, you are in the best condition and the most prepared I have ever seen you.  You have hit PR's and you have fought through rips, tweaks and tears to get to this moment.  You have sacrificed, gotten stronger, fitter and faster.  You have been an inspiration to watch and a great example of perseverance and dedication.  Now, you get to go into your 'happy place' on the competition floor.  The work is done...306 is cheering louder than ever for you...YOU GOT THIS!!

Now, we leave in a few hours and I really do suck at social media, but I promise that I will keep you posted daily (after that, I am probably going to suck at it again).  I will let Jeff know what's happening and he can keep you in the loop as well.  You can watch the action at  Have a great weekend; train hard and we will see you on Tuesday!



Give the gift of fitness!

Christmas season is upon us - the season of food, drinks, parties and usually some extra pounds.  This year, instead of giving baked goods to loved ones, why not bring them here and give them the gift of a WOD?  We are running our referal program from now until Christmas.  When you bring a friend and they sign up, you get a FREE month!  There is no limit, so if you bring 6 friends and they sign up, you get the next 6 months for FREE!  Keep your friends and family healthy this holiday season:)

Good Luck 306 Athletes at BCBD

Today and tomorrow 18 of 306's finest will be throwing down at the local Bridge City Beat Down.  The competiton brings in athletes from all over the Prairies including some tough Regional caliber athletes.  The competiton runs all day with the Brute teams competing in the morning and the Beast individuals competing in the evening.

306 will be represented by the following atheletes:

Women's Brute - Heather and Noelle, Patti and Brenda and Kristen with Holly 

Men's Brute - Jeff Woo and Logan Brown, A.J. and Trevor, Wayne and Joey, and Charlie with Graham

Women's Beast - Viki and Sam

Men's Beast - Aaron Parker and Mike Rogers

Come support our athletes this weekend at the old soccer center on Primrose Dr by Lawason Heights mall.

Go get it guys!