Why marathoners should lift and lifters should run

Why marathoners should lift and lifters should run

What researchers have found over the years is that regardless of the task involve all energy systems are in use.  Albeit some more than others depending on the task, all three energy are in play.  Let’s repeat this point, your body doesn’t use one energy system exclusively, rather it’s more of one and less of the other depending on the needs required.

Executing In The Open

Executing In The Open

The Open is all about the community and being together to take part in a world wide event focused on fitness.  For most of us, it’s the only “competition” that we do within Crossfit.  That is fantastic!  Give it a little extra attention through some of the tips above and you might just surprise yourself with what your fitness can do.  Execute to your potential.  Be the best you that you can!  Welcome to the Open.

If you build it, they will lift!


Exactly a year ago we open our doors to our new expanded facility.  It now included a kick ass 1000 square feet weightlifting room to complement our current facility and program.  Our goal was to provide an area where people could lift when it was convenient to them outside of our regular CF program.  I had ambitions to not only make our athletes stronger but, re-invest in the sport of Weightlifting and Powerlifting and produce some national calibre lifters.  That’s exactly what happened.   Here are some of the outstanding results that were produced by our Elite Weightlifting Club in its first year.


  • 306 now holds 12 national and provincial records
  • 2 athletes made national qualifying totals


  • 9 athletes qualified for nationals
  • 5 athletes took the podium at the national championships
  • 2 athletes became Canadian Champions
  • 1 athlete became a World Record Holder

All of this was of course only possible, not only with significant financial capital, but the incredible work and dedication of our coaches: Jeff Woo, Marc Morris, and Kent Brown.

Great work everyone and looking forward to another stellar year.