Make The Decision

When we walk through the doors of the gym each time, we have already won.  We have chose to take the time out of our day.  We have chose to drive the extra miles. We have chose to be present.  All of these choices are wins over what could be a “shorter”, “faster” or “easier” day.  

I was watching a YouTube video recently where the host was talking about “making the decision” to come in to the gym and workout.  For some of us, this might be something we don’t even think about any more.  Maybe it has become such habit that we feel we are missing out if don’t get to have our time at the gym.  I would say this is the exception and not the rule, however.  

Fact of the matter is, when we make the decision to come to the gym, we are willingly choosing to make ourselves uncomfortable.  If we do a workout and are never uncomfortable, we are not going to see the results.  We need to push beyond that level of comfort.  Clearly when we make the decision to come in to the gym we are choosing to better ourselves physically.  Equally as important, when we make that decision, we are also choosing to better ourselves mentally.  

We choose to come in and do a workout that we know is most likely going to leave us sweaty, sore, tired and sometimes lying in a puddle on the floor.  We have made that difficult decision and overcome.  If we are able to win that mental battle, day in and day out, how much better are we prepared then when other difficult decisions come up?  I am not going to say our time in the gym is anything like “life” or the difficult times that life can throw at us, but we are better people because made the decision to be in the gym.  Build the habit and mental fortitude of overcoming those uncomfortable and difficult times.

I want to commend everyone who shows up at 306 day after day.  You have made that decision.  You have, no doubt, seen the benefits to your physical self but also think about how much better mentally you are for it!  You overcome that “uncomfortable” hurdle time and time again and are building the habit of making a decision and beating those difficult times.  

Stay strong and keep making that decision.  You are far better off in all aspects of your life because of it!