Be Present And Mindful At Your Task

You may have noticed, but Instagram was down for most of the day yesterday.  Ya.  I know, right?  If you did not notice, congratulations!  You were most likely being “present” and “mindful” at whatever it was that was occupying your time throughout the day.  

I use social media as one example because it is probably the largest “taker” of our time and attention filling those otherwise empty moments but there are, of course, a ton of others.  Parents, when was the last time your child was trying to talk to you and you were thumbing through your phone?  When was the last time a friend was telling you a story and you were occupied with a random post on Facebook or IG?  I’ll bet not that long ago; perhaps even while you are trying to read this right now (put it down!). 

I am not saying social media or our phones are bad.  There are a bunch of up sides to it all as well.  Be it keeping in touch with distant friends, having a spot to save memories, advertising for a business, whatever.  It’s all good. However, in our world there are so many “takers of our time”.  I think that is one reason why Crossfit works.  For the time you are in the gym, you have a coach in front of you to keep you accountable.  To not “do a set and scroll a feed”, repeat, repeat, repeat.  For the hour we are in the gym we are present.  Think of how productive that hour is.  Imagine if you had someone standing in front of you, same as your coach for that hour, keeping you accountable throughout the day.  I am willing to bet your day would look very different and be far more productive.  We can still make memories and capture them, that’s fantastic!  In fact, I bet there would be more memories to capture.  

There is a lot to be learnt from listening your coach go through movements before a workout. Even if we have heard them a hundred times before.  There is a lot to be learnt from watching others in class do the same movement. Right or wrong, it might be something that resonates with us and we have that “uh huh!” moment on a movement. Being present.  Keeping our mind on task allows us to stay purposeful and productive. Staying tight and moving with good form through a squat snatch.  Stringing together a set of toes to bar.  If our mind is else where, chances are we are going to break down somewhere through that movement or miss an opportunity to be better.  I use physical training as an example as that is obviously what brought you to this page.  We can apply this same thing to every aspect of our life obviously.  

I’ll challenge you after reading this blog, to be present and have your mind on task for the next hour. Just one hour (let’s pretend IG is broken again).  Whatever you’re doing; in the gym, at work, at home, out with friends, or any where in between. Give yourself one hour to be fully present there.  Mind on task and enjoy!

See you in an hour...or so.