Let’s Be Like Steve

Steve is a founding member of our Fit Over Fifty group. He started with us in the fall of 2018 and has been committed to coming to the gym three times per week since then.  Steve works in IT and spends a lot of time behind a desk; like many of us do. Years of not making his health a priority left him in less than ideal shape. He was hurting and he knew it.  When Steve started, he was very much reserved, quiet and didn’t have a whole lot of confidence.  On Wednesday WOD for our Fit Over Fifty group, Steve called out another member of our group, who runs marathons, in his last 200m run. Steve won! (The friendly competition in this group is phenomenal and pushes them so far).  

When Steve started with us his 500m row time was over 2:30. A couple weeks ago he pulled 500m in 1:42!  When Steve started with us his deadlift was right around body weight. Last tested, Steve’s deadlift was approaching double body weight.  When Steve started, he did box jumps to a bumper plate. He now uses 20 or 24” in his wods. But that isn’t even what’s most impressive in my opinion. When Steve started with us, walking one mile would have been an extremely taunting task. When our Fit Over Fifty group did their first ever mile test run, Steve was under 9 minutes!  

There’s just a few of the benchmarks and barriers Steve has broken through.  I won’t mention that he has also lost over 50 pounds and I don’t even know how many inches (he gets lost in his old shirts changing now!). Steve, you are inspiration to everyone in our group. You are also an inspiration to me as your coach!  And everyone in our gym can aspire to be more like you.  

Steve doesn’t have any secrets.  He works!  I’ve wrote blogs on “moving with purpose” and “effort”.  Steve is incredibly coachable and takes in the instruction provided. He heeds it and adjust accordingly. He now has an incredibly good squat for anyone; let alone someone over 50 years old who had a hard time walking in to the gym when he started.  Steve also is the loudest member of the Fit Over Fifty.  If you walk in in the middle of any of their workouts, you can hear Steve groaning and grunting.  That’s effort!  If everyone put in as much effort as Steve did, we would be much further ahead than we are now.  

I’m going to include a testimonial from Steve that he gave to me some time ago.  If you are interested in the Fit Over Fifty program or know anyone who might be, please encourage them to read this blog and Steve’s words.  Steve isn’t an “exception” (sorry, buddy! Haha).  He is the “example”!  Put in the work and great things will happen!

Thank you for being an inspiration to me, Steve!

I want to thank everyone at crossfit 306. I signed up for a 6 week, +50 group class at the end of October. I was extremely nervous going in, but it has been life changing. The first 2 classes that I went to were the regular 7amclasses. Everyone in the class made me feel like they were really glad to have me in the class. They encouraged me throughout my workouts. Rebecca and Jason have really created a welcoming atmosphere and provide each of us with encouragement. You do feel like you are part of a family.

TJ is a passionate and great coach. He pushes us and really cares about our progression. Workouts are adjusted to suit our abilities. This journey I am on is that much more special through the friends I have made in joining CrossFit 306.

I can feel myself getting strong and fit. When I started this journey I decided I needed to make a change so along with CrossFit,  I started eating clean food, cutting out sugar and drinking lots of water.

To date I have lost over 30lbs, went from step ups to box jumps and am amazed at how I am progressing.

To anyone thinking of joining, I say, you wont regret it. Its challenging and hard work however the results are amazing and you feel great. This has been the best decision I have made for myself and my family! I am now in my second 6 week class and have signed up for the next 6 weeks. I look forward to the cross-fit days and the new me!