The King Of All Movements

Within our realm of the Crossfit world, a “clean” is considered to be the king of all movements.  It is (almost, refer to the article) unparalleled in it’s ability for pure athletic adaptation across many of the ten different physical skills Crossfit teaches and improves on.  

This following article was sent to me by a member some time back. It was originally published in the “Crossfit Journal” in July 2003!  That’s a while ago. As a coach, I try to improve just the same as I do as an athlete.  This article is something I have referred back to time and time again.  The amount of information in the article is easily five or six blogs worth. In class as a coach, it’s a fine line when instructing the technical lifts of making sure the athlete is moving correctly and safely and just overloading them with information and causing them to think far too much.  Our first priority is to make sure everyone moves safely. If someone who is very new to a lift isn’t quite getting the front rack position in the catch but is lifting with a nice flat back and core engaged, I’ll take that.  We’ll work on that front rack once the body learns and adapts to the other parts.  The same thing can be said for this article.  Break it down and work on each piece at a time.  

Rather than trying to rewrite the whole thing in my own words (that some of you have heard over and over again in my classes), I will post the link to the article below.  I think it’s best value and effectiveness is in it’s own form. It is absolutely worth the read; and I would go one step further and say the “study”.  I will also include the link for the article so you can save it and reference back to it when you feel the need.  This article could 

There may be some cleans coming up soon in our programming so this may be good timing. You are welcome!  Let’s toss up some PRs and ring the bell when they do.  Happy cleaning :)