At 306, we are extremely luck to have amazing human beings take the lead every day and be our “coach”!  We pride ourselves on having great coaches lead great workouts to great athletes in our great community.  Kelsey Rhode is one of those coaches I am talking about. She started training at Reebok Crossfit 306 in August of 2015. A little less than a year after that she started coaching. For the past three years she has been one of four full time coaches and a pillar of our staff. 

Tomorrow Kelsey steps away from roll as full time coach to continue her education in Calgary. She will be doing a three year “respiratory therapist” program there. Kelsey’s boyfriend, Brandon, has also recently started a new career in Calgary with Alberta Health Services.  I know they are both excited to be reunited in Cow-town and not have to do the “long distance” thing any more.  

Kelsey’s absence at 306 is going to leave a huge hole.  Hands down, she has the most bubbly, positive and upbeat personality of anyone I have ever met. I know this is echoed by everyone in our community as well.  Thankfully, we have a team of great coaches who are ready and set to step in and keep the ball rolling!  

Kelsey, from everyone at 306, we wish you all the best in your new adventure in Calgary!  We know you will be incredibly successful in everything that you do.  We look forward to having you back in 306 whenever you and Brandon are in town and your PVC pipe, whiteboard marker and clock timer will all be waiting for you at the coaches table. Much love Miss Rhode!