Why Audrey Succeeds


One of the regular members I have the pleasure of coaching in my 7am class is Audrey Evans. Audrey made a great post on her Facebook this morning and I think it worth sharing, and expanding on from a coach’s point of view. 

Audrey is “over 50 years old”.  To be honest I don’t know her exact age as it’s not something I have asked her. Quite frankly, age doesn’t matter but I think it is worth mentioning for context. Audrey has been a long time member of Reebok Crossfit 306 and enjoys her 7am time slot. She has been a hair dresser for her entire life and self employed for a lot of it.  She is a hard worker!  

While being a hard worker is something not foreign to pretty much anyone who comes into a Crossfit gym; the attitude in which she goes about her work is what really stands out. Audrey is always smiling and upbeat!  When someone else moans and groans about something, she is almost always there with a “Ya, but...” encouraging and positive comment. 

That positivity is what makes Audrey successful. Both in the gym and in life!  She puts forth her best effort on the day. Whatever that looks like. Often we scale movements because of a nagging shoulder. But never does she let that shoulder hold her back. She never complains about it and in fact, doesn’t even like asking for scaled movements because she doesn’t want to “complain”. I have often heard Audrey make comments about us “getting to be here”.  Couple her hard working attitude with her positive mindset and outlook on life and she is unstoppable!  “Positive mindset” is not a new idea in the Crossfit space. It has been talked about over and over. Don’t beat yourself in your head before you have even done the work. While it seems that Audrey doesn’t even have to try to be positive, I am willing to bet there are days that it’s harder than others.  We all have good and bad days. I have never seen a “bad day” for Audrey. I’m sure they’ve happened but she stays positive and upbeat all the time. Her happiness and cheer is contagious. 

Audrey, thanks so much for being you. Thanks for coming in and sharing your positive mindset and “sunshiney” outlook. I, for one, very much appreciate that. For everyone else, step into the sun and keep that mindset throughout your day. Not just during your time at 306, but the rest of it as well.  Happiness is a very powerful tool!