Everyone Starts From Where They’re At

In this world of social media and advertisement, we are constantly bombarded with videos thrown at us in an attempt to get our attention.  I will be the first to admit; that most of the time, even when a friend sends me one, I don’t watch it.  There’s just too many of them.  

However, I would consider it a personal favour if you watched this one!


This blog is going to be a little different.  You aren’t going to learn to double under. You aren’t going to better at gymnastics. I am not going to throw any knowledge at you at all.  What I might do is save your (or someone you pass this along to) life. 

Let me repeat those two things.  Watch the video. Please. And, it might save your life.  Here is the thing with the video. It’s not an “exceptional story”.  It’s not a one-off that Crossfit as an organization decided to highlight for a marketing ploy.  You want to know how I know?  Because I have seen this over, and over, and over just within the walls of 306.  If you want to see first hand, I personally invite you stop in the gym any Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 8 or 11am and watch our Fit Over 50 YXE groups.  Some of these people were planning on purchasing mobility aids and walkers not even three months ago!  Today they did an aerobic power interval workout. 

Crossfit IS NOT for “the elite” of the fitness world.  You may find may of them within it’s realm but that is simply a carry-over of results from what Crossfit offers.  The same workouts that the elite faces of fitness of do, our Fit Over 50 YXE are doing.  They are the same workouts YOU can do.  I have stood beside and held the hand of several people who are on in years as they jumped.  First on to a small 1” plate. Then a 3” plate. And then on an 8” box. I have watched someone who was embarrassed to show up to the gym beam ear to ear with a smile as they confidentially move through a daily workout and finish with sweat dripping from their chin.  

I will challenge to share this video and this blog with one person. You may save that one person’s life.  In as literal terms as I can express. Make this story theirs.