Bring A Friend!

You decided once upon a time to give Crossfit a try.  You came in to the gym and survived workout after workout. You have felt and seen the positive changes that your time at 306 has brought to your life.  Now why not pass it on?  

When you eat a new restaurant and love the food, how eager are you to share that news with someone?  Most likely it’s shared with an invitation so that you can go back as well!  As staff at 306, we often talk about how the best “new” people to bring in to the gym, are the ones the “old” people bring with them.  From a business and marketing stand point, we call this “affinity marketing”.  Our goal is not to bring in as many people as we can.  Our goal is to have as many quality people in the gym as we can.  

If you are a “regular” at 306, it’s most likely because you enjoy the time there, have made some great friendships and enjoy the community, and have got real fit while doing it.  You are the reason 306 is what it has become today.  Our hope is that you enjoy 306 enough to bring in a friend with you!  Or two friends with you.  It is always exciting as a coach to see new faces walk in the door.  Whether they have tried Crossfit before or not, it gives us a new opportunity to show what everyone in the building can do and share their experiences with how and why they chose Crossfit.  As staff, we feel once you are in the door, the product quickly sells itself.  This is, again, a testament to the great people inside the building that make 306 the community it is.  

Our community always has room to grow.  If you know someone who you would like to bring in to the gym, what are you waiting for?  Bring them in at no obligation and no cost.  Let them try a couple classes and experience what has brought you value and change to your life.  As coaches, we would love the opportunity to sit down with them, share what Crossfit has to offer and any questions they might have.  

You’ve drank the kook-aid, not it’s time to buy a round!  Bring them in.