Keep Smiling

My favourite moments as a coach aren’t watching someone set a new clean and jerk PR or get their first muscle up.  These things are fantastic and are almost equally as exciting for me as they are the person achieving them, but they aren’t my favourite.  My favourite moments have come when I get to be more than a “Crossfit coach”.  

When I get to hug a proud mother-to-be who confides in me before anyone else that she is expecting so I can help scale her appropriately.  When our community gets to honour a grieving family after a loss. When someone shares a life accomplishment that has nothing to directly do with physical training.  I know these things are not unique to 306 and that there are great communities elsewhere in this Crossfit world of ours.  I hope they are all like that!  At 306, I think these things are really special and cherished.  

Maybe it’s the spring warmth and sunshine; who am I kidding?  For me its definitely the spring warmth and sunshine, but it’s encouraging to see, hear and feel the positive vibes in the gym. Even more so than usual!  It’s something we have talked about as coaches and it’s felt by all.  I think that extra “air” of happiness shows up twice a year. Once at that Christmas party; the one when you realize the holidays are upon us and everyone says “Merry Christmas”.  The other is now. In the spring when the snow has gone (hopefully to stay!), the days are getting longer and the sunshine is warmer.  I am sure we can all relate on some level.  

What if we all did better at keeping that positive outlook and mindset going?  How quickly we forget that it was once dark for 27 hours a day, there was snow and ice every where and it was -593 degrees.  When we come in to the gym we get the privilege of being able to “turn off” the world for an hour so to speak.  The workouts are designed for us.  The coaches show us how and what to do.  And we get to just be present.  This creates a great atmosphere for successful training and everyone enjoys it.  Feed off of that!  That positive energy you bring to the gym is passed on to the next person and then them to the next, and so on.  It good to be among good, happy people!

From all the coaches at 306, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your spring plans!  It’s awesome to be a part of.  Soon enough that beautiful glass door will be open all day and we’ll get to enjoy the outdoors with running in our wods. How you feel about that last part is up to you but remember; it could be -593 degrees!

Keep smiling!