Coconut Water and Steve's Paleo Kits

We are very excited to bring in some new items for post WOD recovery here at 306.  You will have noticed that you can now purchase coconut water in the front lobby.  Coconut water is a great choice for a recovery drink.  Coconut water is naturally low in carbs, 99% fat free, and low in sugars.  So why coconut water and not a sports drink?  Well, let's just say that coconut water is nature's sports drink.  It contains more potassium than an energy drink (about 175 mg more), it has less sodium by about 140 mg, it has natural sugars as opposed to altered sugars and it is very high in chloride (about 4 times the amount found in the sports drink).  It is a great way to re-hydrate the body and is a nice change to plain water.

We are also bringing in Steve's Paleo Kits. We were first introduced to these kits at The CrossFit Games.  They were available for the athletes in the tents and they were amazing. Super convenient packages of jerky, nuts and berries, paleo crunch bars and a paleo cereal.  We will have paleo sticks and different flavors of the jerky as well as the bars and cereals.  I know that I love having quick snacks on hand and I love these because they are pre-portioned and ready to go.  The best part is that a portion of each kit sold goes to Steve's Club, helping under privileged and inner city youth.  You can check out the story at  They will be arriving over the next couple weeks, so if you need some good post WOD recovery food or a snack to take back to work, we will have these for you.