Nutritional Seminar

This Saturday, December 08th will be the first nutritional seminar that we will be holding this month.  We will also be holding a session on Sunday, December 16th.  The question that we get asked most often is. "what should I eat to get leaner?" or a version of that.  In an effort to help answer that question, we teamed up with Whole9Life, a Paleo Lifestyle company based in the USA.  We have put together a 90 page manual on Paleo eating...the what to eat, why to eat it guide to getting your nutrition in line for optimal health.  Sam Mitchell will be presenting on our behalf.  She has her masters in nutritional science, is an athlete and has some great tips and advice on how to improve our diet.  She has put together a presentation to go through the manual and taken it a step further to give you the science based answers to your questions.  Cost is $50/person and you get to take the guide book with you.  You will also have time to ask Sam any specific questions at that time.  Sign up sheets are at the front desk, so please let us know if you will be attending.  If you want to bring anyone outside of the gym, you are more than welcome, just sign them up at the front.