Mike Rogers Journey into CrossFit*

Before & After CrossFit

Photo Above from Dec8th 2012 - Dec 8th 2013 My Crossfit Journey,

Hi my name is Mike and I’m a Crossfit Addict...

I initially started out just straight weight lifting and did that for around 5 years religiously. I got to a strong 230lbs! I was deadlifting 405lbs and that felt awesome, but I was carrying around a lot of extra body fat and out of shape as a result. That’s when I stepped back and realized this is not what I was after. I remembered that I wanted to be fit and in shape, able to keep up with my kids and retire with the energy and strength to enjoy life to the fullest!!! Then I started dieting and running and dieting and running and so on, until I got down to 188lbs in 2 months! I thought I was being focused and that it would yield a good result. I was losing 4lbs a week some weeks. and the result was ...well very skinny, still no abs, and much weaker.

At this point I felt discouraged as all hell! I’m 5 years in I’ve put countless hours in the gym and pushed myself day and night to lose all this weight and now I feel like I’m back where I started. Although I did learn quite a bit about nutrition and training along the way and was probably in better shape than when I started, I still hadn’t had a glimpse of that person I had initially set out to become. As a result of my frustration I slowly trained less and less until I quit entirely. Over the course of those 2 years off I got quite out of shape. I had a lack of knowledge on how to achieve my goals and I had wasted thousands of dollars on trainers and diet plans and supplements. Basically I had given up. 

 Then one day I was having lunch with a co-worker and saw the 2012 Crossfit games on T.V. and I don’t think I blinked for that whole hour. I knew right then and there that this is what I wanted to do! I was fired up again I knew I had found something special! I said to my so worker “I wish there was something like this in the city” My co-worker told me of Jason and Rebecca and about the quality of training that they offer at their facility. And believe me I am so grateful that he was able to lead me to 306!!! I called Jason up right away and made my appointment to come in and do my orientation, and then shortly after I did my first WOD!!! Instantly my whole entire view changed towards fitness, training and basically the industry in general. I always felt that in other places like the Global gym or Some of these Sports Conditioning Facilities that when you get there there’s always added fees! Added fee for time with a trainer, added fee for a diet plan, added fee for a workout plan, added fee for this class and that class I always felt like It was more about money than people trying to help each other people achieve their goals and or push each other. Well in my first class I knew hands down that this was much much different. I had finally found what I had been looking for all these years!!! This gym has trainers onsite that actually train you without any extra fees, it has a community of like-minded, welcoming people who are willing to help you and generous with their knowledge too, they have all the programming done for you! And it’s proven through the success of its members and coaches! Finally after 7years of disappointment I knew for a fact that I was going to reach my goals and get fit. I would finally be able to be that parent and retiree that I had set to become. I’ve been going for just over a year now and I can tell you that I no longer care about how I look and how I compare to the magazines or the ‘Roid Monkeys’! I feel healthy and I get a chance to improve on something every day. I have a community of people there every day pushing me and cheering me on and I’m only concerned with progress not perfection. I’ve been able to get my “Fran” time down to 3:00 and I still have weak thrusters so Ive got built in satisfaction knowing I will be sub 3 as soon as I build my legs up a bit (also Included, Elite level Powerlifting coaches) So I’ve now got an achievable goal and some direction with just one workout. I’ve hit a 305lb Bench and I don’t do bench every week. I have a gym that I can just show up to and the trainers will take care of the rest, all I have to do is listen and work hard. I trust 306’s program and Trainers blindly. I still wake up every morning to look at the Workout of the Day on the website even on my off days (because I know if I miss a good workout I’ll have to do it later in the week) It gives me something to look forward to and get excited about each day (aside from my beautiful children of course). I’ve even been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to share this amazing place with some other people as well. I talk to them and other people that have been here for years and they’ve all had the same exact feeling toward the experience that I did. I could really sit here all day and talk about how amazing Crossfit is and what it’s done for my self-image and self-confidence and how it’s improved the quality of my life exponentially, but it’s something you have to experience in person to fully understand or appreciate. Whether it’s your first muscle up, PR lift, surviving a mentally challenging WOD, being able to push another person and have them PR as a result or all the many other things that come along with being a part of this truly amazing community! It’s all stuff that’s hard to put into words but basically it just feels good!

This small gym north end Saskatoon doesn’t just end after the class, its community spills over into all aspects of my life. It’s given me an opportunity to be a positive role model to my family and has brought me closer to them in a healthy atmosphere. After one year I’m not only still invigorated, I’m happier than ever I’m also fully confident that I’m progressing everyday because at Crossfit there are tons of ways to track your success and nothing feels better to a person than setting goals and achieving them. We’re lucky enough to experince that multiple times every week, so to everybody at 306 Thank you!!!


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