How To Win This Weekend At Be Like Bruce

I’m going to turn down the “coach” on this one. Change pace a little bit. I’m going to turn up the “human” a little bit though.  

When I sat down to write this blog I had the “Be Like Bruce” fitness festival on my mind.  Let me correct that. I had the “Be Like Bruce” competition on my mind.  I was going to type something about that competitive edge.  I would like to think I have a good head-game in Crossfit and was going to go somewhere with that.  When I opened up my iPad, my Facebook was open and the video that I shared on the 306 Members page created from years past Be Like Bruce was there.  I don’t know if I have seen it before or not, but I watched it again.  

In that video, you know what stuck out to me more than anything?  The people!  Not the weight being lifted, the times being posted, or the scores being put up.  It was the tremendous number of people who were there taking part in something that was a very big part of one human beings life.  They were all doing fitness for Bruce Gordon.  I know not all of you knew Bruce Gordon or had any kind of personal connection with him.  If you were lucky enough to have had that, then I don’t need to go on any more to explain the person he was and the life and legacy he lived.  If you did not have the opportunity to get to know Bruce, let me just say that he was a husband to an amazing wife and a father to two beautiful children.  We can all make a connection with that.  

In my first year as full time coach and manager at Reebok Crossfit 306, I have had the opportunity to grow and create some amazing relationships with people. These relationships aren’t only with people who are the best Crossfitters or the best athletes. They aren’t because we’re the same age or same stage in life. It’s because they are good human beings. I’ve been apart of the support first hand for families and individuals in need. I’ve seen people go out of their way to slow down a workout so they could finish along side someone in class. I’ve seen a more seasoned member offer words of advice to a person struggling. These things happen all the time. These are some of the things that make you all great! There is no question in my mind that all these same great things are going to be a part of the Be Like Bruce this weekend.

Before “competitions”, I like to shut off the rest of the world.  I like to be in that “zone” and have as few distractions as I can.  I am extremely lucky to have an amazing wife who understands and supports this.  She takes full control of our kids and allows me to just be present for as long as I need.  I don’t check my phone (unless out of necessity) the day before or day/days of. I just like to be “there”.  I was getting ready to enter that space tomorrow morning.  As it turns out, at my children’s daycare tomorrow afternoon, there is a Father’s Day picnic. I love to be there for all those things so it only took 4 seconds of hesitation from “...what about competition mode...” to decide to go but it was a decision none the less.  It was the same decision that Bruce would have made over and over again.  

As we all get ready to “compete” in the Be Like Bruce Fitness Festival this weekend, lets remember those decisions.  Don’t get me wrong, Bruce was a fierce competitor and would expect everybody participating to have that same drive.  It’s good for you!  Let’s also realize that we are all faces in that video dedicated to Bruce and his family.  Bruce would be far more proud of the efforts taken to be more human and more kind than the efforts put in to winning a workout. 

This weekend when you are out on the floor and take a look around trying to figure out where your competition is at, how about instead take a look around and see the people there with you.  Instead of trying to gain that extra second, how about take that extra second. Compete with all you have but don’t forget about all you are!

Good luck to everyone this weekend.  Play safe!