Sharing Is Caring

You’ve heard it before; “sharing is caring”.  You have this tremendous gift of fitness and everything that that entails, including happiness.  Why not pass it along to someone you care about?

Our goal at Reebok Crossfit 306 isn’t to have the “most” members.  Our goal is to have the “best” members.  The people that make up our community are truly special and valued.  Each one of you bring your own personalities to each class you attend.  As a coach, it is something that I really pick up on.  If one of the “regular” personalities in a class is missing, it’s different.  Not better or worse.  Just different.  I am sure that the other people in the class notice it as well.  We all value each other and that bright spot that we bring to the group.  

Because good people tend to be around other good people, why not bring one of those good people with you? Your fitness is an amazing thing.  It keeps us healthy. It keeps us functional. It keeps us independent. It keeps us happy.  Being able to pass that along to a friend is a great gift.  We often here that people want to “get in shape”.  By and large, the biggest thing holding them back is fear.  Fear of the unknown and everything that walking in to a new community (let alone a “gym”) can bring.  You are there!  You are part of and know the community.  It is far less intimidating and fearful when they have a wingman there with them.  

While typing this blog....I sat at this point for quite some time... and searched for some statistics on “how much more likely is someone to do something when they have support”.  Obviously that’s a fairly broad topic to search.  I came back to this paragraph without being armed with any numbers to throw at you.  However, I decided that more important than numbers, is real life experience.  I remember the first day I walked in to 306.  I had my friend Amy with me.  Neither of us were familiar with 306 at this point.  Having her with me made me more comfortable in this “unknown”.  We sat with Jay on the couch in the lobby, he threw some #jcaintrained knowledge at us and we stuck around to try a class. Needless to say, here I am.  That support of a friend went a long ways.

If you have a friend who has not yet decided to make their health priority, we would love the opportunity to get them started on their journey.  I’m fairly certain that the staff at 306 aren’t overly intimidating (except that Kelsey Rhode chick....I kid).  Bring them in, have them try a class.  Your coach would love the chance to talk with them and get them set up for success on path that’s right for them.  

We love having you as part of the 306 community.  We value that part that you bring to each class.  Your friends are an extension of you and we would love to have them join us.  Sharing is caring. Why not pass along all the great things your health and fitness have done, and are continuing to do, for you to someone else!