It Won’t Be Every Day...

Just a quick note for today. The sun is shining, its Friday and it’s going to be a great weekend!

Do you ever have those days when everything seems to line up and fall in to place and just go right with training?  You get to the gym, read the workout, go through the warm up and absolutely crush the wod!  Man, those are good days!  I hate to break it to you but “those days” aren’t going to be every day. 

Yesterday was one of those other days for me.  Nothing was particularly off. Felt fine. Had good intentions going in to my days worth of programming.  Warmed up and went through the motions and things felt fine.  Started to do some lifting and it just was not there. Wasn’t moving well. Timing was off. Couldn’t get motivated. All of that. Not a huge deal and I’m not complaining about it but it was just one of those “off” days.  I kind of sat there in a daze after and my training partner for the day just looked at me and laughed (it’s ok, he’s allowed to) because he knew it too. I was discouraged. 

Today is a new day.  I’ve always been good with leaving stuff behind me.  Woke up and all is well. Had a great surprise from my 6am class. Ate some cake!  Started to think about a blog topic for the day.  And here we are. Yesterday was not one of those days where everything clicked. Today is not yesterday. 

I thought back to two days ago. Two days ago I got caught up at the gym. My plans changed unexpectedly and did not have food with me. So my nutrition was way off. I did my normal volume of training and then fuelled far too little to make up for it. Then because I was working later than normal, my brain was active far later into the day than usual. I couldn’t sleep and was awake a lot later. My alarm went off at the usual time the next day so I didn’t get enough sleep. Two strikes against me. Maybe two of the biggest strikes when it comes to training.  Yesterday when I was training, I wasn’t thinking about all that though. I was just discouraged with it. With my normal routine back in place yesterday, today was a much better day.  I ate well and slept well yesterday. 

Point is, not every day is going to have a PR in store or a stellar results within the gym.  Life happens!  And that is perfectly ok.  Before you get too discouraged with yourself, think back to the day previous. The day previous is what sets us up for today. If the sleep or nutrition were off, it’s hard to expect yourself to perform at peak potential. If it’s something we think about ahead of time and those two big factors are way off, it’s actually more beneficial to take an off day. Take the time to get the nutrition back in check, take a nap maybe, get to bed early and get yourself back in check. 

We’re going to have those good days and bad days. No question about it. Be proud of yourself and love those good days.  When the bad days happen, take the minute to check in on yourself. Reflect on what you can change going forward to lessen the frequency of those bad days.  You get one chance at this thing; have some good freaking days! :)

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy the weekend.