Not Right Now!

Feel Good right now

I’ve got to give credit where it’s due.  It was our fearless leader, Jason Cain, who is responsible for the idea for today’s blog.  I overheard him talking to one of our classes at the gym the other day about this.  He is also fully responsible for the artwork; as only #Jcaintrained can.  I’ll try to use my words to elaborate a little bit more for you.  

What Coach Cain was explaining is the difference between what we do at 306 every day versus what society sets us up for at every opportunity.  For clarity, I full heartedly agree with what he was saying.  In society, we are set up for as much “here and now” as possible. We have drive-thrus. Not only drive-thrus but drive-thrus with mobile ordering. We have high speed internet and LTE+ cell phone coverage because “normal” internet makes us wait. We have microwaveable dinners and precooked chickens because we need to eat “right now” as we run out the door to something else.  We have “super size” because that makes us full and more is better.  

Now hear me out. I am not saying all of those things are bad. Convenience is nice and as a father of two young children, I certainly appreciate a lot of them And use them from time to time.  See, all of these things are thought of, engineered, executed and marketed for us to feel good in the here-and-now.  We want these things, they are easily accessible to us, we don’t have to do anything for them (except maybe wave our debit card or phone at a computer-thingy). Instant satisfaction for our wants. 

However, what we offer at 306 is quite different.  Actually, it’s on the very other end of the spectrum.  We have to work for it.  When you walk into the gym each day, you are not doing so because you know it’s going to be easy.  I wrote a blog sometime ago about “making the choice”.  You make the choice to come in and put your health as a priority.  Take a read back in the archives if you didn’t see that one.  Anyways, you know it’s not going to be easy.  While our “immediate gratification” society has all the conveniences to make you satisfied immediately, we’re going to make you work for it.  

Jason has “OMG” in the bottom part of the drawing. Yup, that an “O” and an “M” and a “G” in case you can’t read that. His reasoning is, when you make the decision to walk into the gym you know we are going to make you have an “OMG” moment within the next 60 minutes.  Not because it was easy and you have an instant satisfaction walking into the gym but because you are going to sweat and put forth some effort and get into some degree of discomfort. OMG. 

Notice what’s underneath that first “OMG” though.  It’s another “OMG”. This time with two exclamation points after it.  You can ask Coach Kelsey and I and we will both tell you the same thing.  Exclamation marks don’t come easy from Jason Cain.  He put two of them there. So while society is setting us up for instant gratification and feeling good right now, at 306 we are setting you up for that two exclamation mark “OMG” later.  That is the big difference.  You are coming in to be uncomfortable and put forth some effort.  That “OMG” in the moment sets you up for “OMG!!” for the rest of your day, your week, your month; perhaps your life.  That is what we are trying to accomplish with our health and fitness.  

Let me assure you, there is no fast and easy road to a healthier, happier, fitter version of you.  While society has us set up to believe that there might be, there is not. If you come in and put in the work, be patient and wait and see what happens.  It won’t take too long before all those “OMG” start making for a whole lot of “OMG!!” going forward. 

That’s two exclamation points people. That’s exciting stuff. Stick with it!!