Preventative Medicine

I would like to introduce you to this amazing human. This is Elaine and she just completed her 6 week transformation. What does that even mean? Well, she came in after really enjoying retirement over the past 6 months. She is a wife, mom and grandma. She realized that she was also pre-diabetic, experiencing hip and knee pain and her blood markers were not going in the right direction.

At 65 years young, she decided that she was going to make a change. She committed to her nutrition and came to train 3 days per week. No matter how intimidated she may have felt, she remembered her why and stuck with it.

She always comes in with a smile and she always does her absolute best. SO, what happened after the 6 weeks? Well, she lost 11 pounds and 8.5 inches. All of her blood markers were back to healthy numbers and she increased her strength (adding #45 to her deadlift and #20 to her bench press). She also got fitter - her cardio test improved by over 5 minutes!!

This lady is amazing and she wants to live her best life and run around after her grand-babies and be able to do life without pain. With some tweaks to her nutrition and being consistent, she is crushing it!! We are so happy to be a part of her journey and look forward to many more workouts. Great job Elaine!

Coach Rebecca