It’s Good To Be Back

First let me say, you can read this blog post without me making a disclaimer for foul language. I am not going to mention the four letter word that starts with “F” (and then has an “A” and a couple “L” after it).  We aren’t there yet, not even close. We still have a lot of weeks of glorious summer before of that nonsense goes on.

From there, it’s good be back.  I was able to get away for a week and a half of holidays recently.  While you might not have noticed, I wasn’t coaching or at the gym. I had a great time with my immediate and extended family up at the cabin and on our annual trip to Greenwater Provincial Park. I very much enjoyed my time and it was great to get away and “reset”.  

Getting away is just that and it is a good thing.  We need to reset once in a while.  I hope for everyone out there, that they are able to to step away from routine and the daily grind to change it up.  Stepping away is ok and I encourage you to do it.  Regardless of what holidays look like for you, they are good for the body and the mind. To be able to get some rest, do things you enjoy doing but might find hard to get time to do otherwise or to get some tasks accomplished that need to be done.  These are all good and should be done.  

While I was away, I had the opportunity, as I hope you did as well, to use some of my fitness. I spent time swimming and snorkelling at the beach. I went on a couple hikes. I rode my bike. I played on the playground with my children. Here’s the really good part. None of that was done with any intent on improving my fitness. It was done for nothing other than enjoying the time.  By making the gym and our fitness a part of routine “the rest of the time”, it allows to do the things we enjoy while we are away.  For some of us, those things might be things we take for granted.  Being able to splash and play with kids at the lake or pool, going for a leisurely hike, or just going for a walk or bike ride to get ice cream.  Many people can not do those things. They are not physically capable. Our gym routine sets up for happiness and ability when we step away from training and want to simply enjoy life. 

Once we have stepped away from that routine, it’s important to get back into it.  It’s all too easy when we have stepped back from routine to get caught there.  Our time and focus shifted when we were away and we let our fitness and the time we had for training be filled with something else. Avoid that!  If you think that getting back to routine after stepping away may be an issue, I would recommend getting accountable.  I wrote a blog on this a few months back.  Have someone (ideally a friend at the gym) keep you accountable when you are back from holidays.  Get them to give you a call or shoot you a message encouraging you to get back into the gym and making your fitness a priority. The friendly reminder and accountability goes a long ways. 

I hope we have all, or will have, some time to get away this summer.  Whatever that looks like for you, I hope it finds you able and excited to be able to use your body to enjoy the time. Step out of routine. Once it’s time to step back into it, make sure you keep fitness as part of that routine. Make next summer’s holidays even more enjoyable.  If you know someone who might benefit from some increased physical ability and fitness to help increase the enjoyment of their holidays, why not encourage them to come in and make 306 a part of their new routine as well!  It’s a great opportunity to get them in.  

Happy summer everyone!  It’s “still” here. Enjoy it!