Who finished 6th in the World on 12.3?

Ty Prosofsky, that's who!!  

Congrats to Ty for posting an incredible result for the 3rd WOD of the CrossFit Open.  The CrossFit Games open is the search for the fittest man and women alive. So to put things into perspective, Ty scord higher then 2008 World Champ Jason Khalipa, and 2010 World Champ Graham Holmberg.  I'm sure he would of beat the 2007 and 2009 World Champs too, but they aren't competing this year.

A little note on our team.  We are currently ranked 50th in the World, out of 2000 CrossFit Gyms.  We are 6th in Canada, out of 200 gyms, and we are 3rd in the West, out of 65 gyms.  Pretty incredible results, even more impressive concerning we are only three months in.

I've said this from day 1, you guys are a dream community, and my family and I are blessed and honored to have all of you as part of our lives.
Stay healthy,