306 at the Dakota Games!

Another year of The Dakota games has come and went. If you are to ask the people that came what they thought they would tell you Good Times!!

What made us choose Fargo North Dakota…. this is our thought process the first year we picked it

1. It’s not in western Canada or Canada period

2. Also it has all categories for athletes Rx-scaled and Masters.

They’re something to be said about the team of individuals that went down. We all placed in the top ten with many PR’s : Aaron Johnson placed 7th and Brad Merkosky placed 2nd in the Masters Scaled . Clay Newby and LT place 4th on the scaled side and that’s with 38 athletes on the men's side and 42 on the women's side. Mr. Wayne Dust finished 1st on the men’s RX masters side in which we watched him pull a 92.5lbs weighted pull up for 3 reps!  So, if want to know why Wayne has the arms he does...this is one of the reasons.

The other First place taken was by a first time athlete Cara Petrovicz who we have nicknamed “mama wolf”.

Cara came in after a lot of convincing and decided, and I paraphrase, "I’m just going to have fun and workout."

To watch her do the rope climb workout and crush the final was thing of true beauty.

Strong cogs in the wheel in this trip goes to Megan Macpherson who I believe took close to 250 pictures and videos for us to watch after and Petch aka: Derek Petrovicz who ran to get coffee, plot directions with maps and found us great restaurants.

Behind the scenes, thanks to Jay and Rebecca for your programing, Marc Morris for the power and diet expertise and the other 306 people for a push in our training.

One the best things about competing is the bond of friendship that is created on a long drive, hard workouts and celebrating after.

We sent this out to people in a letter early this year and I believe it sums up what happened in Fargo: “I firmly believe that any person’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all they hold dear, is that moment when that person has worked their heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle- Victorious” Vince Lombardi

We love to have you!! Can you come next year??

Love AJ