Community Love

What a great weekend!  There was a great turnout for our coach’s appreciation potluck.  It is always fun when we can hang out on a social level and get to know everyone a little bit more.  Kids and pets were playing and roaming free.  We shared food, drinks and a lot of laughs.  

 As coaches, we were blown away by the kind words and support from everyone.  We really do love what we do and our job is very rewarding.  We feel a real sense of joy when an athlete hits a new PR or does something for the first time.  On behalf of all of us - thank you for trusting us to be a part of your fitness journey.   Thank you to Megan for organizing everything.  Thank-you to Theresa, Conrad, Charlie, LT, Roxy, Sam, Megan, Graham and Natalie for your kind words.  Thanks to all of you at 306 (even if you weren't there in body) for being a bright spot in our day.  If you weren't able to make it, no worries - we will be sure to have another get-together over the next couple months:)