60 pounds to bad ass...*

Before & After Reebok CrossFit 306

Just shy of a year ago, I started this rollercoaster ride to becoming a badass. A cold evening in the beginning of February 2014, standing in the parking lot of 306 after powerlifting, at a complete loss of how to lose weight. Feeling completely defeated and ready to give up after trying every fad diet and weight loss program out there. I decided to take a brave step, in my funny, nothings wrong, lets make a joke about it way of approaching tough situations, I asked marc for help.   Little did I know that he would help me lose my first 30lbs ever, Keep it off and push me towards a 60lbs weight loss to date.

Fat loss doesn’t come easy. I learned very quickly that it takes consistency and a lot of support through the ups and downs. This battle is 100% a mental game everyday. Eventually it became a lifestyle i fell in love with.  The highs definitely outweigh the lows. Marc taught me something about myself throughout this process. I am no longer ashamed to eat what’s on my plate at a restaurant, or feel the need to order a salad. If it fits my macros I will eat it, plain and simple. Which includes ice cream… everyday. The current struggle I’m working through is how people perceive me. People who don’t know me or my story. They don’t know how far I’ve come. They don’t knowhow much weight I can lift!  This process is ever changing and I’m learning so much! 

I started out at 306 crushing wods daily, but soon took up powerlifting and found my true passion. Powerlifting is something for the first time in my athletic career I will admit to being good at. I am so proud to say I can lift heavy things and slam em down in style.  It was more than Crossfit and powerlifting though.  It was the community that I wish everyone could experience, the high fives, the support, the family.  I found support in people who barely knew me but would cheer me on, run with me, encourage me to be the best version of myself that I could be. Each and everyone of you are so badass and inspire me daily!

This journey is teaching me something new about myself each day, I am constantly changing and pushing myself to be the best person I can be and find that super Bad ass Lana that’s been hiding for years.  I will continue to trust the process, bake delicious protein treats, work hard and see were 2015 takes me.  I have huge goals and I am forever grateful for this amazing community Jay and Rebecca have created at 306. It truly is a community I am honored and so proud to be a part of.  I will never be able to thank Marc, Jay and Rebecca enough for helping me along this journey, constantly supporting my goals and encouraging me throughout the process.

Lets crush 2015!! 

Lana Price-Wright

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