Chris' Story*

Chris at Reebok Crossfit 306   

How do you thank people who have absolutely changed your life?

Late in November 2011, we read the paper advertising the new Cross Fit gym coming to Saskatoon and that the introductory price for that month was only $5! But, it is such a long drive, way on the other side of the city! Excuses and more excuses. It was only $5 , so off we went. Bruce did not have too much confidence that I would like it or even be able to do it. I was now up for the challenge to prove him wrong. We met Jason, he preached about “Community” and all I wanted was to do the work out and move on—no lectures.

The work out was tough, but rewarding. We continued and did not miss a workout for the month of December. We started to really appreciate the community spirit. Everyday was a challenge. Rope climb? Are you kidding me, I am old! It hurts your hands, gives you rope burns on your legs and it is scary!   Again, more excuses, but with great coaching and encouragement from the members, I did it and am so proud of this. I still struggle with the ripped hands, bruises and being sore and tired, but now look at all of this a medal of honor and a great work out. I love the Cross Fit terminology and still chuckle at the words “snatch” and “rack”! I have got to get the t-shirt!

Compete? Me? Our saying has always been “ I am a participant, not a competitor!” I now have a totally different attitude and love that at some workouts, I can kick Bruce’s a--!!! I have now been in two competitions and loved doing both of them.

In my personal life, I have developed a confidence and inner strength that I did not know I had. I have done a very challenging cleanse, lost weight and now eat Paleo. I have changed the shape of my body, gone from a size 10 to a size 2. The compliments I get especially from the community at Reebok 306 have been unbelievable. I am professionally speaking in front of large groups using the ‘Community Above All Else” theme and recently we both have taken a huge step and left the comfort of our home and jobs to relocate in Vancouver. We based our new home close to the Cross Fit gym that we have now joined. During the tough workouts I think of Jason saying, “Cross fit is a joke!!” This seems to help me get through the tough times.

As I write this from Vancouver, I do have tears. Thank you Jason, Rebecca, Courtney and the “community” of Reebok 306 for the life changing experience. We will be forever grateful! (I love my shoulders and back!)