Leo's Story*

Leo after CrossFit

Leo Belcourt

 I would like to share my personal life change journey with you.

One day in March, 2011 I stepped on the scale and was horrified, it said 314 lbs. So I decided then and there that I had to start making some changes. I quit smoking on April 20th, 2011 and started changing my diet two weeks later. I started out with a meal replacement diet plan and from there transitioned to a healthy balanced diet. It was when I started the diet that I first implemented exercise. I started with riding my bike. I would go a little faster and a little farther every day.

In September, 2011 I moved to Saskatoon and traded in my bike for a pair of running shoes (I didn’t really trade my bike in, but it got somewhat neglected). I started running one block at a time and eventually was running 3-5km every day.

On January 14th I had my first Crossfit workout and met my coach and mentor Jason Cain.  I was hooked. I had already lost 75lbs on my own. Due to some personal reasons I didn’t get fully involved Crossfit (working out six days a week) until March. Once I did commit I started to notice a huge difference. Not only on the scale, but in inches lost, strength, speed, and endurance.

It was in March that I took part in my first ever Crossfit competition. I placed 465th in western Canada (not bad for only having been doing it for a month) in the Crossfit games open as an individual. I was the substitute for our gym’s team that went to regionals. In June I had two major accomplishments. I had lost 100lbs and I competed in the Sweat Rx regionals where our team placed 1st. It didn’t stop there.

 In July I competed in my first Olympic weightlifting competition. This competition took place in Moose Jaw. I placed 1st in my weight category and received a gold medal. It was around this time that I realized my life’s dream/goal. To become a fitness professional and help people make positive and healthy choices and change in their lives.

Since then I have competed in two separate individual Crossfit competitions: the 204 Invitational in August hosted in Winnipeg, finished 21st and Bridge City Beat Down hosted here in Saskatoon by Synergy, finished 26th. I have also started to make my dream a reality by becoming a certified Crossfit coach in September of this year. Since I’ve been certified I have been lucky enough to gain a part time position at the gym where I train, the place that changed my life, Reebok Crossfit 306. Also, as of October I surpassed my goal weight of 220 lbs and am now a healthy 195 lbs. That’s a total weight loss of 119 lbs in 18 months.

It has been an amazing journey and I know it doesn’t stop here.

A great big thanks to Jason Cain and everybody in the community at 306...