Meet Blake Parker*

Blake at Reebok CrossFit 306

My name is Blake Parker and I am 53 years old. On Feb. 1st. 2012 my life took a dramatic change. I was playing hockey and after my game I was rushed to Royal University Hospital having a heart attack. I was immediately taken into surgery and 3 stints put in a completely blocked artery. In the two months following I was enrolled in the Cardio Rehab Program at the Field House. 

After my stress test in early May of 2012 my cardiologist said I could ramp up my exercise program. My son Aaron was urging me to join Reebok Crossfit 306 where he is a member. I decided to check his gym out and watched him complete a Crossfit games work out. I thought to myself you got to be kidding and he wants me to do that! After a weak moment I let him convince me to join Reebok CrossFit 306. On May 19/2012 I started ,and was very nervous because I was no longer in my prime so to speak. The first few WODS were very difficult, with no technique, little strength, and even less stamina it was a real struggle.

Jason and Rebecca were awesome, no matter your skill set or athletic ability they were able to scale WODS appropriately to help improve my fitness and overall health. One year later and 30+ lbs. lighter I am attending Reebok Crossfit 306 5 times a week, and feel great. On my one year cardiologist appointment my cardiologist said WOW whatever you are doing keep it. He said that I no longer need to see him, because he cannot do anything to improve my health more than what I was doing myself. For me that was a proud day. My hard work and commitment to better health is paying off.

I would like to thank Jason & Rebecca, all the coaches and the 306 community. If not for the support and encouragement I may not be where I am today. I have never trained at any other gym yet I could not imagine training anywhere else but at Reebok CrossFit 306. Thanks again Jason & Rebecca.