Great job December cleanse crew!

We were planning to run a 60 day cleanse and paleo/zone challenge to start in January.  Well and eager group of 306 athletes approached me and wanted to get started right away.  I warned them that Christmas season is here and it will be extra hard with all of the extra temptations.  They wanted to do it anyways and figured it would be a great way to not gain those extra Christmas pounds.  I agreed and decided to join in on the fun;).  

Well, we started last Saturday and today was our first official check in day to see how we are doing.  I have done this before and know first hand how well it works, but I was amazed how well everyone is doing.  5/7 of us weighed in and lost a total of 30 pounds and each person lost anywhere from 4 - 7.5 inches!  The power of the cleanse is amazing.  Such a great way to get your diet on track.

If anyone is interested in joining the January group, please e-mail me and I will get you the info -  

Keep up the great work!