Bonjour from Paris!

Here's a little update from two of our members, Janelle and Brad, currently touring Europe.

"Hi coach!  Janelle and I have been walking lots, and trying to do travel WODS in our tiny European apartments.  Today we visited Crossfit Louvre (you'd have more luck with their website as it's written in French!)  Their box will not be open untill Sept but they do drop ins, (we tried some ring dips and pull ups, box jumps and med balls.  They did a 70 min outdoor wod near the Louve (surreal).  About 35 people there, and we represented Canada / 306 by both finishing in the top 6 - not that we are competitive...  it was 5 rds of 400 m run and 50 airsquats.  Then we "cooled off" with 50 burpees.  Glad to be doing Crossfit again, the folks here are welcoming but we miss you guys!  Going back Mon, squeezing it in between a Versailles bike tour and wine tasting excursions.  Promise to run around Louvre museum and gardens tomorrow!!  See you in a few weeks."